Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight....Psalms 144:1

Thursday, November 29, 2012

WOD 113012

3 Rounds
1 Minute Each Round
Push Ups
Sit Ups
Air Squats
Ring Rows
It's almost the beginning of December, time for dues...but most of all seriously research what eating plan you will do for January. Also tell anyone who might be interested in joining about our first of the year special. Join and pay for January get February Free. It's only for people who have never been members here. We also have gift certificates if you would like to give a one month gym membership as a gift. It would apply to our buy January get February Free.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WOD 112912

5x3 Snatch Balance (3 second pause @ bottom)
5x4 Over head Squat
5x5 Hang Snatch
5x6 Squat Snatch
Then...Pull Up many pull ups, chin over bar before you fall off bar.
This will all be done by a reasonable and doable weight to our own ability. The weight will remain the same throughout the whole WOD.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

WOD 112812

Partner WOD
Partner A
5 Deadlifts 225/165
10 Box Jumps30/20
Partner B
Partner B
5 Deadlifts 225/165
10 Box Jumps 30/20
Partner A
While one partner is doing the deadlifts and box jumps, the other partner is doing burpees. This will go on until together the partners have done a total of 200 burpees.
1. There will not be a trainer at the 1:30 WOD. Doug and Scott have SWAT training.
2. I ordered 5 womens pink verse shirts and 5 mens red verse shirts. The would make great Christmas presents. $20 each.
3. If you want to do the fundraiser on December 8th please sign up on the white board by the door. It will be fun. The $40 check needs to be payable to "Foodbank" and in by tomorrow so Tony can bring it to Boise CrossFit on Friday.
4. Everyone bring in cans to donate to the Boise Foodbank. We will be bringing them with us on December 8th so they are due by Friday December 7th.

Monday, November 26, 2012

WOD 112712

Buy in...Shoulder Press PR
Thrusters (shoulder press pr)
The clock is continually running. As soon as you have PR'ed your shoulder press (no dip and drive) you will start your WOD. Only WOD time counts.
Welcome to The Box Tamera and Makayla!!!
Go to Boise Crossfit Community on facebook and look up more details on December 8th foodbank fundraiser from 8 a.m. to noon. Everything is scaleable and the money and canned food go to a good cause. Let's do it as a Militant family. Find a partner and join up.
Idea's for the biggest winner are coming together. If you have any questions, first browse our paleo,zone,and four hour body blogs to the right and top of this blog. It will answer most questions that you have. This contest isn't for weight lost like in the past, but I can guarentee weight lost and muscle gained if you do exactly what you are suppose to do. Follow the diet you pick for 45 days and you will feel more amazing that you have ever felt in your life. Energy,great attitude,stronger, a sence of accomplishment, teamwork, etc... the list goes on and on. Research what team you will sign up for. More details will be revealed soon.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

WOD 112612

5 Rounds
10 Turkish Get Ups
15 Ring Dips
20 Sit Ups
Back to normal, Militants! Whew! It's going to feel good to work Thanksgiving off!
Our sweatshirts came in. If you haven't paid for yours please do.
Also, research our "biggest winner" and see which one you want to do. I still haven't decided on the buy in yet.
Also, let anyone you know that we are having our beginning of the year special, "pay for January and get February FREE!!!"

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

WOD 112112

53 Push Ups
77 Wall Balls
61 Back Ext.
34 Kettlebells
47 Push Presses 45/65
20 Tire Flips
14 Hand Stand Push ups
48 Ring Rows
2 Min Farmer Carry (If you put it down, start the time over)
42 Lunges w/farmer carry weight (still can't put the weight down)
Just to let everyone know...Thursday morning and Friday morning at 9:00 a.m.  Ryan and Whitney will be in the gym if anyone would like to come work out on those days. It is a normal day tomorrow so everyone show up before you get fat for Thanksgiving. Make those mash potatoes worth it....mmmm...and gravey, and stuffing, and turkey, and pie, and ever other little goodie you can think of.

Monday, November 19, 2012

WOD 112012

Buy in...Row 800 M
Overhead Squats 95/65
Chin Ups
Cash Out...Row 400M
Since we only have 3 rowers we will start in heats of 3.
Take a look at our biggest winner contest. Just a tip. Decide which diet looks like it works for you and try it out now so life doesn't suck so bad come Jan 1. This is going to be fun.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

WOD 111912

6 Rounds
5 Hang Cleans 95/135
10 Push Ups
5 Power Cleans 95/135
10 Burpees
Welcome to The Box Tiana and Micah!!!
I have started the 3 blogs for our 3 major eating plans in our "Biggest Winner" contest starting January 1st. You will be picking which plan you want to follow from Jan 1 to Feb 15th. Research each one and see which one works best for you. This idea encorporates everyones participation in the gym and I'm giving it early so you can wrap your brains around it. We will be working on a point system instead of a weight loss. The team with the most points win the contest. There will be a buy in, that is undecided. And there will be a money prize.
Look on all the links I have put on each blog and read through the diet information. Ask any questions on the comment portion of the blog or to me.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

WOD 111612

4 Rounds
2 Atlas Stone Lifts
10 Box Jumps
10 Ring Push Ups
20 Sit Ups
Run 400m
Get ready to tell all your friends about our great January deal. If you've never been a client before, if you pay for January you get February free.
And more to come on our huge contest starting January 1st and ending Valentines dayish. You must be a member of the gym to join in...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WOD 111512

7 Rounds
2 Minute Double Under AMRAP
1 Minute Rest
Count All reps
Don't forget Bill is taking The Militia Box on a trail run expedition tomorrow to Celebration Park. Meet at our gym at 4:00.
We will be doing our 3rd annual biggest loser challenge from January 1 to Feb 14th. We do it a little different every year so details will be given to you when they are all ironed out.
Also starting January 1st I like to give a special to the friends of our athletes. If you know anyone who you would like to invite here we will be having a special. In the month of January, if you have never been a member of our gym you can pay for January, 65$ and get February free, 0$. Tell everyone about our special. It's a good way to get people to come and see how much fun we have puking and sweating and hurting.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WOD 111412

5 Muscle Ups (10 Muscle up progressions or 10 pull ups 10 dips)
10 Jumping Air Squats
15 Kettlebells
There will be no trainers at the 1:30 tomorrow. There is swat training.
New hats are on the picnic table, check them out.
Just to let you know we will be closed Thanksgiving day and the Friday afterwards. You are welcome to come in and workout on your own.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ryan and I are in the second one down in the middle. Sorry I couldn't make it bigger.

7 Rounds
12 Thrusters 75/45
9 Toes to Bar
10 Wall to Wall runs w/ 20/14# med ball
Welcome to The Box Russ and Frank!
Just a note, those of you who ordered sweatshirts with our hammer logo, they are in, along with some new hats for both guys and ladies so check those out. Those are 25$
We have some fun charity crossfit competitions coming up on December 8th if you would like to join us. The fun thing about charity competition is they are scaled to everyone so let's all give our Militia Box support. I will give more details when I have them.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

WOD 111212

Four rounds for time of:
250 pound Deadlift, 8 reps
16 Burpees
15 foot Rope climb, 3 ascents
Run 600 meters
British Army Second Lieutenant Ralph Johnson, 24, of South Africa, assigned to the Household Cavalry Regiment, based in Windsor, England, was killed on August 1, 2006, in Helmand province, Afghanistan, when insurgents attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device.

Well Athletes, now that I've got all this crossfit education so fresh in my brain, you will reap the benefits of all my hard labor. Starting tomorrow we will do a short warm up and have a deadlift session before we do the work out. This is a hero WOD in honor of veterans day. Thank you to all who have fought and served in our militaries.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Double Unders (quadruple singles)
Sit Ups
Crazy Annie
Double Unders (quadruple singles)
Sit Ups
It's Friday, Militant's so everyone get your butts in the gym before you cheat this weekend.
Here are some valuable cues to a sound squat.
Many encourage identical behaviors.

1. Start with the feet about shoulder width apart and
slightly toed out.
2. Keep your head up looking slightly above parallel.
3. Don’t look down at all; ground is in peripheral
vision only.
4. Accentuate the normal arch of the lumbar curve
and then pull the excess arch out with the abs.
5. Keep the midsection very tight.
6. Send your butt back and down.
7. Your knees track over the line of the foot.
8. Don’t let the knees roll inside the foot.
9. Keep as much pressure on the heels as possible.
10. Stay off of the balls of the feet.
11. Delay the knees forward travel as much as
12. Lift your arms out and up as you descend.
13. Keep your torso elongated.
14. Send hands as far away from your butt as
15. In profile, the ear does not move forward during
the squat, it travels straight down.
16. Don’t let the squat just sink, but pull yourself
down with your hip flexors.
17. Don’t let the lumbar curve surrender as you settle
in to the bottom.
18. Stop when the fold of the hip is below the knee –
break parallel with the thigh.
19. Squeeze glutes and hamstrings and rise without
any leaning forward or shifting of balance.
20. Return on the exact same path as you descended.
21. Use every bit of musculature you can; there is no
part of the body uninvolved.
22. On rising, without moving the feet, exert pressure
to the outside of your feet as though you were
trying to separate the ground beneath you.
23. At the top of the stroke stand as tall as you
possibly can.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WOD 110812

Tabata Me This?
8 Rounds
20 Seconds of Work
10 Seconds of Rest
Air Squats - the rest is at the bottom
Push Ups - the rest is hovering over the ground
Chin Ups - the rest is chin above the bar
L- Sits - You actually get a rest in this one
A few of you haven't brought your dues in. Please get those in.

The CrossFit dietary prescription is as follows:
Protein should be lean and varied and account for about
30% of your total caloric load.
Carbohydrates should be predominantly low-glycemic
and account for about 40% of your total caloric load.
Fat should be predominantly monounsaturated and
account for about 30% of your total caloric load.
Calories should be set at between .7 and 1.0 grams of
protein per pound of lean body mass depending on your
activity level. The .7 figure is for moderate daily workout
loads and the 1.0 figure is for the hardcore athlete.
What Should we eat?

In plain language, base your diet on garden vegetables,
especially greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little

starch, and no sugar. That’s about as simple as we can
get. Many have observed that keeping your grocery cart
to the perimeter of the grocery store while avoiding
the aisles is a great way to protect your health. Food is
perishable. The stuff with long shelf life is all circumspect
Modern diets are ill suited for our genetic composition.
Evolution has not kept pace with advances in agriculture

and food processing resulting in a plague of health
problems for modern man. Coronary heart disease,
diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, obesity and psychological
dysfunction have all been scientifically linked to a diet
too high in refined or processed carbohydrate. Search
“google” or “Alta Vista” for Paleolithic nutrition, or diet.
The return is extensive, compelling, and fascinating. The
Caveman model is perfectly consistent with the CrossFit

What Foods Should I Avoid?
Ecessive consumption of high-glycemic carbohydrates
is the primary culprit in nutritionally caused health
problems. High glycemic carbohydrates are those that
raise blood sugar too rapidly. They include rice, bread,
candy, potato, sweets, sodas, and most processed
carbohydrates. Processing can include bleaching, baking,
grinding, and refining. Processing of carbohydrates
greatly increases their glycemic index, a measure of their
propensity to elevate blood sugar.

What is the Problem with
High-Glycemic Carbohydrates?The problem with high-glycemic carbohydrates is that
they give an inordinate insulin response. Insulin is an
essential hormone for life, yet acute, chronic elevation
of insulin leads to hyperinsulinism, which has been
positively linked to obesity, elevated cholesterol levels,
blood pressure, mood dysfunction and a Pandora’s box
of disease and disability. Research “hyperinsulinism” on
the Internet. There’s a gold mine of information pertinent
to your health available there. The CrossFit prescription
is a low-glycemic diet and consequently severely blunts
the insulin response.

Caloric Restriction and Longevity
Current research strongly supports the link between
caloric restriction and an increased life expectancy. The
incidence of cancers and heart disease sharply decline
with a diet that is carefully limited in controlling caloric
intake. “Caloric Restriction” is another fruitful area for
Internet search. The CrossFit prescription is consistent
with this research.
The CrossFit prescription allows a reduced caloric intake
and yet still provides ample nutrition for rigorous activity

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

WOD 110712

10 Rounds @ 95#/65#
5 Deadlifts
5 Power Cleans
5 Clean and Jerks
5 Push Presses
5 Back Squats
Rest 1 Minute
Bar must stay in constant motion when the round has begun.
Welcome to The Box Shirley and Jason!
If the weather holds up we would like to take you on our last trail run of the season twos Thursdays from now at about 4:30 at Celebration Park here in Melba. We will all meet at the gym at around 4:00 and drive out at 4:15.
Can I enjoy optimal health withoout being an athlete?
NO! Athletes expereience a protection from the ravages
of aging and disease that non-athletes never find.
For instance, 80-year-old athletes are stronger than
non-athletes in their prime at 25 years old. If you think
that strength isn’t important consider that strength
loss is what puts people in nursing homes. Athletes
have greater bone density, stronger immune systems,
less coronary heart disease, reduced cancer risk, fewer
strokes, and less depression than non-athletes.

Monday, November 5, 2012

WOD 110612

12 Min AMRAP
5 Air Squats
5 Push Ups
5 Burpees
5 Sit Ups
If you haven't gotten your dues in please do so. If you bought a sweatshirt or t-shirt just add it to your dues.
Crossfit...Is this for me?

Absolutely! Your needs and the Olympic athlete’s
differ by degree not kind. Increased power, strength,
cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, flexibility,
stamina, coordination, agility, balance, and coordination
are each important to the world’s best athletes and
to our grandparents. The amazing truth is that the
very same methods that elicit optimal response in the
Olympic or professional athlete will optimize the same
response in the elderly. Of course, we can’t load your
grandmother with the same squatting weight that we’d
assign an Olympic skier, but they both need to squat
In fact, squatting is essential to maintaining functional
independence and improving fitness. Squatting is
just one example of a movement that is universally
valuable and essential yet rarely taught to any but the
most advanced of athletes. This is a tragedy. Through
painstakingly thorough coaching and incremental load
assignment CrossFit has been able to teach anyone
who can care for themselves to perform safely and
with maximum efficacy the same movements typically
utilized by professional coaches in elite and certainly
exclusive environments.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fight Gone Bad

3 Rounds
1 min each station
Box Jumps 20"
Row for Calories
Wall Balls 20/14#
Push Press 75/55#
Sumo High Pulls 75/55#
1 Minute Rest
High Intensity, manage your rest time, find a rhythm.
Welcome to The Box Sampson, Sterling, Kevin and Curt!!!! Hope you all had fun at the Atlas Stone class, I know I did.
An Effective Approach
In gyms and health clubs throughout the world the
typical workout consists of isolation movements and
extended aerobic sessions. The fitness community
from trainers to the magazines has the exercising public
believing that lateral raises, curls, leg extensions, sit-ups
and the like combined with 20-40 minute stints on the
stationary bike or treadmill are going to lead to some kind
of great fitness. Well, at CrossFit we work exclusively
with compound movements and shorter high intensity
cardiovascular sessions. We’ve replaced the lateral
raise with pushpress, the curl with pull-ups, and the leg
extension with squats. For every long distance effort
our athletes will do five or six at short distance. Why?
Because compound or functional movements and high
intensity or anaerobic cardio is radically more effective at
eliciting nearly any desired fitness result. Startlingly, this
is not a matter of opinion but solid irrefutable scientific
fact and yet the marginally effective old ways persist and
are nearly universal. Our approach is consistent with
what is practiced in elite training programs associated
with major university athletic teams and professional
sports. CrossFit endeavors to bring state-of-the-art
coaching techniques to the general public and athlete
who haven’t access to current technologies, research,
and coaching methods.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

WOD 110212

15 Min AMRAP
1 Dip
1 Dumbbell Deadlift
2 Dips
2 Dumbbell Deadlifts
3 Dips
3 Dumbbell Deadlifts
Remember, manage your rest time...intensity and good form are the keys to getting better and getting more fit.
I am going to start putting sections of articles in here from the CrossFit journal so that we can all better understand the sport of CrossFit in short absorbable sections....Enjoy...

The CrossFit prescription is “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional
movement.” Functional movements are universal motor recruitment
patterns; they are performed in a wave of contraction from core to extremity;
and they are compound movements—i.e., they are multi-joint. They are
natural, effective, and efficient locomotors of body and external objects. But
no aspect of functional movements is more important than their capacity
to move large loads over long distances, and to do so quickly. Collectively,
these three attributes (load, distance, and speed) uniquely qualify functional
movements for the production of high power. Intensity is defined exactly as
power, and intensity is the independent variable most commonly associated
with maximizing favorable adaptation to exercise. Recognizing that the
breadth and depth of a program’s stimulus will determine the breadth
and depth of the adaptation it elicits, our prescription of functionality and
intensity is constantly varied. We believe that preparation for random
physical challenges—i.e., unknown and unknowable events—is at odds with
fixed, predictable, and routine regimens.